Saving Animals From Extinction (SAFE) Worldwide


SAFE is Saving Animals From Extinction.

SAFE is committed to the survival of the World's Endangered Species through education and influence of local, regional, social and political masses by creating awareness and a sense of urgency to save species in danger of extinction. 

We believe that every species has a right to live on this planet without the fear of ending up in a zoo, in an experimental lab or in a circus. We do not support any organization that believes in animal testing for any reason. We only support the various organizations or rehabilitation centers that are 100% committed to the welfare and reintroduction of the animals back in their natural habitats and homelands.

SAFE also provides education in the schools or in the areas surrounding the natural habitat of the endangered species so we may teach the local people why it is vital that we save these highly endangered animals.  We believe that it is possible to change the views of people when they better understand how we are all joined in the web of life and that the animal's survival means man's survival as well.

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